Piwne rozmowy braci McMullen / The Brothers McMullen (1995) [Napisy] | Smashed (2012) [Lektor] | Kocham cię od tak dawna / Il y a longtemps que je t'aime (2009) [Lektor]
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2017-07-27T17:51:30+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Pickpocketing, Hubris, Stowaway, Bride kidnapping, Adultery, Lèse-majesté, Vandalism, Body snatching, Desertion, Cybercrime, Srebrenica massacre, Sabotage, Stalking, Conspiracy (criminal), Cattle raiding, Extortion, Illegal entry, Treachery (law), Illegal emigration, Assault occasioning actual bodily harm, Public intoxication, Insurance fraud, Uttering, Deadly weapon, Disorderly conduct, Motor vehicle theft, Intimidation, Burglary, Solicitation, Bomb threat, Indecent exposure, Malfeasance in office, Criminal damage in English law, Obtaining a money transfer by deception, Identity cleansing, Effects of genocide on youth, Blasphemous libel flashcards Crimes
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